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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Extra Steam Power #1

Servus and a heartfelt welcome to the start of a brand new feature over here on our challenge blog, dear arty steampunk friends and crafters!

From time to time we will share some additional steampunk projects done by our DT that are not related to the actual challenge theme - simply to provide you with additional inspiration and share additional steampunk fun and joy. We want this little steampunk corner (and our new facebook group) to become a spot where you will always find new ideas and inspirational fuel for your own steampunk art!

Our actual challenge "The Ravages of Time" is open until the end of the month. To find out more about it click the badge at the top of our side bar that leads you to the actual challenge. If you want to check out the makes of team B, just scroll down to the previous post.

But now on to our very first post for this new feature which is from lovely Laura from Laurart! I am sure you will love this to bits! I definitely do! ;)


Welcome to the first Extra Steam Power post at Sandee and amelies Steampunk Challenges.

Today I would like to share with you a rusty Steampunk style creation....

       Everyone should watch Andy Skinner videos - every time I do I always rush off to try out the techniques he so brilliantly does. Usually when I watch demo videos I never have the items that are being used and I have to try and find a substitute (or impatiently await a craft order!) but this time I was in luck...I had asked my wonderful friend Claudia to suggest some Decoart items that she thought I would love to use and I ordered them....and of course the items Andy used were on the list!... and they had arrived the day before...how is that for good timing?!

       I really do recommend that you watch the three videos....I will be giving an explanation of what I did with just one of the techniques...but you really should watch what Andy does. I spent a whole morning having a great time playing around with all three of the techniques (and variations of - lets face it not everything goes to plan all the time - but even mistakes can be tweaked) and so I ended up sitting there with about six future projects - all rusted and ready to be put together.

Easy Rust Painting Part 1 

     Today I am showing you what I made with my favourite one of the three techniques....
 Andy used embossed chipboard for this rust technique. I didn't have any, so I got this cardboard photo frame and covered it with texture paste through an Andy Skinner stencil -I adore this stencil!!!

 After leaving it to dry I then followed Andy's instructions to rub some Sand Texture Paste on it.

 I love any crafts that get messy so this was wonderful. I left it to dry and then followed Andy's instructions to mix Paynes Grey with white - I chose to go slightly lighter then he did in the demo...I intend to experiment with different tones and see what happens...I also want to see what effects applying more of the sand texture paste does...this technique has so many possibilities!
       Then a wash of diluted Paynes Grey (I need this paint in bucket size!) I brushed the wash over and then loaded the brush with the wash and dabbed it over the frame to form darker patches.
      When this was dry (and already looking really gorgeously grungy - the texture paste is amazing!)  I began to cover it with Quinacridone Gold....I love this paint...I had used it before on my own rust techniques (that sadly could never match this for texture and realism) but it transforms into glorious shades of rust when brushed over Paynes Grey! It is magic!!!
     I wanted the rust to be patchy...not a dense colour. So I decided which areas I wanted the rust to be the lightest and just very gently dry brushed over the parts, leaving parts of Paynes Grey uncovered.

Then I covered the rest of the frame with Quinacridone gold, heavier in some parts than others. When this was dry I covered the frame with a couple of coats of Ultra Matt Varnish - this removes any sheen from the paint and makes the rust look even more realistic...

I used one of the Found Relatives photos and added some little scenic photographs from some printed paper

I decided to keep the colour scheme to grey and brown so I chose silver with bronze and rusted embellishments. Included in this was a rose that I had covered in rusting powder, an old rusted key, various cogs and gears, a rusty heart and a silver clock

I added some bronze hinge fasteners and some rusty wire so that the frame could be hung up


And there it is.....I will certainly be using this rust technique over and over again...it was so much fun and very easy!
    Please do check out Andy's demo videos - and if you don't have the products then place Quinacridone Gold, Paynes Grey and Sand Texture paste on your shopping list asap! - You won't regret it! ;o)
        Thanks so much for being here! I hope I have inspired you to try out some Steampunk creations! 
Our challenge this month is 'Ravages of time' and rust just fits in so well....why not get a bit rusty and join us?
Happy Crafting!


  1. Thank you Laura for this brilliant tuto

  2. Oh my goodness, incredible inspiration, and I have the Paynes grey and quin Gold so must try it. Been meaning to since I saw Andy's video the first time!

    Fabulous tutorial and inspiration xxSAMxx

  3. Wow, wow, wow rushing to get those goodies to try these techniques! Hugs Jan x

  4. Fantastic and a good idea with steam power. It looks really good Laura - lovely texture and color.
    Hugs, Susan

  5. Fantastic rust effects Laura, I also love the Andy Skinner Tuto's, because they are short and very instructive. Great result!!

  6. Marvellous!! What a great make!

  7. Fabulous piece , I adore the rust and texture and the touches of grey visible underneath. Love,how,you embellished too. Tracy x

  8. I just love the rust and the overall look of the piece. Thanks for the video too.

  9. Laura, this is absolutely gorgeous. You have inspired me to do a similar canvas of my grandfather. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. This is sooooo delicious and rusty Laura! What a great step by step and tutorial. I have seen the videos but have yet to order the supplies as I was trying to figure out what to get first. Thanks for the info, now I know what to get. This design and execution is magnificent!!!! Hugz! ~Niki

  11. Laura, this is brilliant!! I do have to watch those videos. You created such an awesome rusty look to this, and I love the frame and embellies. Love the extra steam power idea and the design you created for that!

  12. Wow really love this the rust is amazing. I love Andy Skinners work and the tutorials are excellent you have made a brilliant keepsake. x

  13. A scrumptious project, with really a great rusty technique and fab effect on this, wow!! Thanks for all the details Laura. Coco x

  14. I absolutely Love this! How great you got the rust color!!

  15. Gorgeous, Laura! This truly does look like an old rusted panel of tin that's been recycled/upcycled into this beautiful, vintagey framed creation! Love It!! XOXO-Shari

  16. Would it be odd for me to find this rust yummy? Such a gorgeous make, love the metal embellishments and vintage feel as well as the rust!


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