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About us

I have a long history in cute stamping and cute creations. I found cute always very limiting until I found non cute stamps and non-cute Projects. The range of non-cute works of art seems to be endless, such a lot of opportunities. Non-cute work is always so unique and in my opinion it feels like “real art”!
I love Steampunk because it is non-cute art.  Especially artists like Rach0113 and Finnabair have pictured so very talented what could be possible.  So creative!
I love Steampunk because it has no limits. You can use any kind of paint, any kind of technique - everything is possible. Creating Steampunk projects did help to develop my art skills and I started to become curious to learn more... new techniques and using new tools and so on.  
I am also deeply in love with the Victorian time for example year 1899 (as it is my WWW name SanDee1899) such a lot of invention done in the 19th Century. Isn´t it impressive?  I love gears and mechanisms and I love the manner in that time and the behavior. I do love to read books from this (my favorite) century such as from Jane Austen.  I definitely would love to have a closer look in the 19th Century if I would have a Time Machine with which I could travel to England in the year of 1899.
XOXO SanDee1899

Hi and "servus" as we use to say here in Vienna,

"die amelie" was my pseudonym under which I started writing and publishing poetry and blogging and I have kept it since then - but most of you know me by my real name by now which is Claudia Neubacher.
Some of you may already know me for doing mainly timeworn, Andy Skinner inspired industrial and steampunk projects. I especially love Steampunk as I love the Victorian age and all the lovely illustrations from that time - having played a lot of pen and paper roleplaying games that have their settings with this historic period. I also love everything mechanical, gears, the look of metal and also rust and machines created by more or less crazy inventors ;)

I love doing mixed media art, using rusting techniques or imitating rust and patina of all kinds with my Steampunk creations, creating texture and depth using gears and rough surfaces and combining all of that with old delicate engravings and found objects of that period....all of this being veeery suitable for a Steampunk look. So this is why I feel most at home with Steampunk.

Steampunk and Mixed Media go together so well! As I am no clean and simple crafter at all (simply because I cannot do clean and simple ;) Steampunk is my perfect and most favorite playground.

Claudia - die amelie x


  1. Thank you for your introductions, and I agree with much (or everything) you say! I feel cute is just too... cute. It's a challenge to not make it cute, and I also see it as a challenge to make it appeal to teens and men/boys. Teens often don't like too much cute (at least I didn't, and the ones I know don't). A way to get the dust off the name "cardmaking". I love the rust colour - rusty hinge was the first distress ink I got, and made a "rust" pinboard on pinterest, trying to find original (new)images. Too bad I haven't got a Macro lens on my camera (yet), I'd make new pictures myself! I haven't tried Mixed Media yet, but due to my messiness I will end up there one day, I'm sure. I just discovered your blog via Yaya scrap and more, where I noticed your name on her blogroll. I had to check it out :) Crafting time is very limited/unpredictable for me, but I'll follow you (via rss, I don't like google) and participate when I can.

  2. Minor correction: Oops, I don't have a rust pinterest board, but a Copper collection board (which could include rust) and a "Surfaces, textures and colours" board. Categorizing stuff isn't my strongest asset.


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