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Monday, December 15, 2014

Mid Month reminder and a DT Call

Hello, servus and welcome to our little crafty Steampunk corner!

By now I guess everyone is heading full speed towards X-mas festivities and has been busily preparing, baking and crafting away with X-mas decorations and/or presents. Those who haven't already checked out the post from December 1st - we have decided to do some excessive X-mas-wishing around the Steampunk globe instead of a challenge. One happy X-mas wishing person will win a fab $25 voucher to use at Inspiration Emporium! And, please, make sure you follow all the criteria to get eligible (details can be found by clicking HERE).

So after this slightly different mid-month-reminder let's head on directly to even more exciting things...yay! As SASPC is slowly but constantly growing (thanks to our true and talented players and my fab DT) we have decided to look out for two more team members and to do so we are having our very first

DT Call!  

What do we need from you and what will you get in return?

You should love what you do and find the right mix of fun and sense of responsibility.

You need to 

- create one project per month (and for these there are deadlines to be met),
- post about your DT project on your blog and link to the challenge blog,
- use your DT badge and the challenge blog badge (with the link) on your blog,
- there's some commenting to do as well as
- the monthly voting our Top3
- and there's our DT blog that needs to be checked regularly so communication works as smooth and quickly as possible. 
- And I as the blog owner who sets up the posts and who communicates with our prize sponsors, have to be able to rely on you with this.

We really are a very relaxed DT and we don't regard SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges being a business.
There's no payment and no recompensation for your creative "work" (except the joy and fun you should have creating and sharing your makes with the team and our players on the challenge blog) as we aren't connected to an online shop or any other business . It's for the joy of sharing Steampunk art of all kinds that we do what we do.

The whole team is very aware of the fact that real life has the habit of interfering with personal resources, plans and schedules - so as long as we can talk about it we will always find a way to help out and/or find a solution, when DT work would get affected.

We don't have terms you apply for - we hope you will become part of our artistic community and travel with us as far as it feels good and right for you. But we expect you to stay at least one whole year (so we won't have to start a new DT Call in just a few months. Comprende? ;)

We try to keep DT requirements on a relaxed level. Our challenges are always "anything goes" but theme- connected. We are looking for mixed media artists, tag and ATC makers, art journallers, stampers, alterers...we love it when you have develloped your own individual "Steampunk Attitude" for your creations.


Why did I write such a sermon? lol

Because I don't want anyone to waste precious time on applying for something he or she doesn't really fit in well enough to feel comfortable with and/or even have joy in doing. Being part of our DT will not make you famous I am afraid. Our goal is to enjoy, inspire and share art with others who think alike. That's all there is to it honestly. 

So after that has been said you just need to know how to apply:

the DT Call will run from today until 31. January 2015. 
Please, send an e-mail to vonpappe2@yahoo.de and include 

- a link to your blog,
- an image of or link to a post showing one of your own favourite (Steampunk) creations
- and some lines about yourself and also explaining why you think SanDee&amelie's could be the place and team for you.

If you haven't done any steampunk yet but want to explore new territory, create something new and Steampunk-ish to show. Steampunk expertise isn't a criteria for us.

We already are an international team - so applications from all around the globe are welcome (as long as you are able to also include some short and understandable information in English besides your own language about your make and the challenge theme with your blog posts!) :) 

We will try to get in touch with all applicants asap and as time allows. The two new DT members will start with the March challenge and will be informed well in time. If there are any questions I forgot to answer in this post, just email me.

Good luck!

Claudia and the SASPC-Team

And don't forget about our X-mas "event".
Our generous sponsor this month is:



  1. Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!!!! Merry Christmas to me for being able to apply for this DT!!!! Fantabulous!!! I just rhymed and didn't mean to. Lol!!! Jolly is how I am feeling!!!

  2. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! :)

  3. Wow!! This is awesome! I've been waiting and hoping for an opportunity like this! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Claudia, BP here. Pleased you like my little friend Maisie, she has a brother called Stanley but I try to keep out of his way as he thinks I am some sort of plaything Lol!
    I told Angela you had stopped by, she sends you big Christmas hugs and says she will be looking in soon. We all wish you good health and much happiness for the New Year, BP Mini Me xxx


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