Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Raise the Curtains!" - Mid Month Reminder

Servus and welcome back to part two of our show below raised curtains!

Team B have outdone themselves as well and are happy to help you along with getting your mojo started by sharing their bundle of awesome steampunk inspiration with you today!

This month's theme 

should open a wide field for adding fabric, drawn, stamped or any other kind of curtains you can think of to your steampunk creations! Both teams - A and B - showed that there are endless possibilities for interpretation!

But before we head on to their makes I would like to once more tell our readers (and also possible new players) that with our challenges we hope to be able to simply encourage as many of you as possible to find out what industrial and technical looking elements, colours and/or surfaces "do to your art" and how to play with them as just another means for composition in colour, texture and shape.There is no level of steampunk art we do NOT want to see honestly. If you take a giant leap or just small steps - it is up to you. We want to see you in your makes in the first place!

Don't let yourself get intimidated by any definitions on what "real steampunk" might or might not be! Just follow your heart and find your very personal approach to this special style. And have fun! ;)

Our prize sponsor this month are Inspiration Emporium

who will generously give away a $25 voucher to one randomly drawn winner. So all you have to do to get eligible for this awesome prize is play along and enter up to 3 projects. Each entry counts you can double or even triple your chances! ;)

And NOW let me (finally) show you the makes of team B! 


Raise the The Curtains!

A lot of layers, Curtains made out of tissue paper & Lace

All held back with cogs. Why not join us! and play along.
Details over on my blog.

The Gentleman comes home and lays his goggles and pocket watch on the table, he looks up at his beloved's portrait knowing he will always keep her in his heart. He then turns with a light step and can not contain the glee he feels as he opens the curtains to his..............

Lab! He knows he is so close to figuring out how he will see his beloved again. 
If you would like to know more about The Gentleman and how his Lab was created feel free to stop by my blog. 

I loved making this Steampunk was such fun to make!
The actors can't wait to begin their performance...
Wait a minute!!.......Where are the actors?.........

 I just love the story and old movie of "The Wizard of Oz" - so when I read "curtains" the scene when Toto reveals the "huge and mighty Oz" (by pulling aside the green curtain) came to my mind immediately. I tried to create a canvas shadowbox showing exactly that scene with all its magic and steampunk fun!
I hope you like it too.

From an old wood frame to a new idea with 3D effect for our home decoration.
- A little sheltie dog in Steampunk dreams -

I recycled a fish tin, which was hugely inspiring. I made a shadowbox with an old fashioned public telephone as a telephone booth to call someone we love. After the call we can lower the curtain.


If you haven't seen the creations from team A also take a closer look at them over HERE! Our challenge is open until the end of the month and as usual we offer two separate collections for your 2D and 3 D projects. 
  To get to our challenge click HERE

We hope to see you join in soon!
Hugs and happy steampunk crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team! 

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