How to enter projects images directly to an Inlinkz collection

Dear players,

due to recent issues with Instagram having made changes to their platform we are not able to display any Top 5 entries' images from this platform with our Top 5 posts anymore as Instagram do not allow to fetch images from their platform anymore.
Because of this we would like to ask you to enter your projects directly from your devices and upload your projects images directly to the collection.

Inlinkz do lead you through the menu, but I have done a short how-to to show how it looks and how easy it is and how quickly done.

1. As you need to fill in all the asked lines, copy and paste the URL of your preferred posting platform account (like Instagram or facebook) to the top line. This will have your profile picture show up in the window below.

2. To change the image to the one you would like to upload to the challenge, simply click on the "Upload" tab right below the "Blog" tab to the left. Then you get taken to the screen that allows you to click in the middle to directly upload an image from your laptop, iPhone or other device you're using.

After you have picked your image from your folders, you can also crop it if necessary.

3. Then add your email address manually to the third line in the top window and  a title for your entry to go by (in the second line). Type that in manually too - you can use any title you like or just your blog's title or your name - whatever you like best.

 4. Make sure you have confirmed the "I agree..." line at the very bottom (right above the "Save" button). The "Save" button turns blue and can only be clicked once you have filled in all the lines from the two windows.

Important: do NOT use "History mode" in the top line as this will select a wrong URL from your browser history. Just move the cursor into the Link line and paste your copied URL from your desired Instagram or facebook account in there manually.

The only difference - besides having to enter all the info manually to the form - is that by clicking on the entry image in our Inlinkz collection people get taken to your general Instagram or facebook account but not a particular post there. For us that is more than okay. We only want to be able to display everyone's projects in our Top 5 posts as our challenge blog is all about sharing your creations and inspiration and giving visual impulse for creativity.

Thanks for your understanding!


PS: I hope that has helped. I've also noticed that Inlinkz have recently asked you to "register" yourselves at the start of the new year. This is a quick half-a-minute procedure that only needs to be done once and from then on you can enter any Inlinkz collection on any challenge blog as usual. You do not have to repeat the registration on other challenge blogs with other Inlinkz collections. ;)

The team and I hope to see you play along with us again this year! We all love the awesome inspiration you are constantly sharing with us over here! You all rock!

Claudia XXX